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With the hot wire, it is used for sterilizing through microorganism oxidation, protein denaturalization, dielectric concentration, etc.. Hereinto, it mainly takes the oxidation to kill all microorganisms in a certain heating time by means of damaging the cell protoplasm. 



   Accuracy: High-precision microcomputer-based LCD-display temperature controller is equipped, with features of reliable and accurate temperature control, protections against over temperature, sensor failure, electricity leakage as well as alarming and timing functions; 


     Rapidness: Fast temperature rise, forced convection as well as ultra short time for drying and sterilizing because the hot air passes the heated object directly;  


    Safety: Through an independent temperature-limit alarming system, the incubator can cut off the power automatically if beyond the limiting temperature, to guarantee the safety of personnel and instrument. 


Convenience: The internal bladder of finished stainless steel and four circular corners are cleaned easily, the shelf can 

be moved conveniently. RS-485 interface is available, which enables the sterilizer to be connected to printer and computer to record the change of temperature parameters.